10 Things Every Goth Girl Needs For Summer

Hot goth girl summer

Whether you’re goth or just wear a lot of black, summer can be a tricky season. Our wardrobe’s aren’t made for the sweltering heat, but instead of going full normie, there are ways to keep up your aesthetic during the summer months. Plenty of alternative and mainstream brands supply spooky clothing and accessories all year round—allowing the Lydia Deetz’s and Nancy Downs’ of the world to thrive during 80 degree weather. We’ve gathered up 10 essential items every goth girl should have in her wardrobe and on her vanity, take a peek at our picks and let us know your summer must haves in the comments section on social media.

A LBS (Little Black Sundress)

Plenty of brands, of varying price ranges, sell cute black dresses. Whether you select something simple or want to edge things up with ruffles, studs and buckles—there are plenty of options out there to keep you cool.

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A pair of black sandals

While we’ve all got a tried and true pair of Converse, Doc Martens or Vans, every gal needs a pair of sandals to wear during the summer—especially if your planning to visit a beach.

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Lots of sunscreen

This goes for everyone, sunscreen is your best friend during the summer months. Sunscreen keeps your skin looking young and healthy, while also protecting it against harmful UVB rays.

A pair of black sunglasses

When the sun is out and there’s not a cloud in the sky, you’ll be wanting a pair of badass black shades.


Setting spray

Keep your makeup from running down your face with a powerful setting spray. After spending 45 minutes on your eyeliner, you won’t want it to budge.

A black bikini

Of course a goth gal needs a black bikini, was there ever another option?

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A witchy tumbler

Hydration is crucial during the summer, so store your water, iced coffee or kombuca in a tumbler that matches your vibe.

A spooky beach accessory

Killstar is the ultimate goth fashion brand and they’ve got you covered all year round. Their beach towels and floats are spooky yet seasonally appropriate.

Waterproof makeup

In addition to ensuring your makeup stays on with setting spray, keep your mug in tact with waterproof makeup—whether that be brows, eyeliner, mascara or foundation.

A parasol

If you’re feeling extra and aren’t afraid of stares from strangers, why not invest in a cute parasol? Hell, Abby from “NCIS” rocked one.